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Visual Styles Modules v1.7 is a dream for Joomla users, allowing you to edit styles for each element on the pages using a visual environment.

370  ≈  5,36

Addition for SImpla CMS allows you to remember the date of registration of the buyer and keep a count of his stay on the site, after which, depending on the group settings you entered, move it to the required group

450  ≈  6,52

Template StOrange for Simpla CMS 2.3.x is perfect for shops with animals and goods for them, as well as for any other theme with a similar juicy color filling

450  ≈  6,52

Universal, adaptive Luxury template to the online store based on Simpla CMS, versions 2.x

390  ≈  5,65

Addition allows you to integrate in OKAY CMS feedback system with the ability to add photos and videos

490  ≈  7,10

The module can, with the correct settings, transfer the authorized buyer into the required groups according to the specified conditions

450  ≈  6,52

The products that you marked can only be displayed for a special group of buyers in Okay CMS

700  ≈  10,14

The supplement allows you to automatically change the status of the order in Okay CMS to "Done" if the person made a payment or the manager changed the status of the order to "Paid"

300  ≈  4,35

Addon Product Gift v1.1.4 will give an opportunity to buy goods while receiving another one as a gift. A gift to the JoomShopping basket is added automatically with a zero price. It is possible to add only one gift for the product.

900  ≈  13,04

The Megan template should be used for an online food store and not only. It does not divert attention from the products themselves.

450  ≈  6,52

Universal Carol template for OkayCMS for various types of sites (online stores)

370  ≈  5,36

Template TESSA for online stores on Okay CMS with a wide range of products suitable for various topics.

410  ≈  5,94

Customers have the opportunity to log in and register on the site through social networks through the service Ulogin

320  ≈  4,64

Addition called "Quick Order" adds to the category and a product card running Okay CMS button "Order in 1 click"

350  ≈  5,07

The addon displays the checkbox next to the login field called "Remember me". Very useful for shops based on OkayCMS not having such a possibility by default

240  ≈  3,48

When the buyer adds the goods to the shopping cart on OKAY CMS, a pop-up window appears in which he can edit the shopping list or proceed to ordering and further payment.

400  ≈  5,80

The addon allows you to verify the integration with Send Pulse and will allow you to configure the automatic addition of email addresses of website visitors who have subscribed to your newsletter, placed an order, or registered on the site.

550  ≈  7,97

Creation of such html-map of the site very fruitfully influences many factors. With the promotion of sites, this will give the search engines a signal about your new products, and show them to users as much as possible, and when viewing the store itself, the customer can immediately view all the categories and goods that interest him

430  ≈  6,23

The module will allow you to set the minimum quantity of a certain product, for which the product is available for order

220  ≈  3,19

An addendum called "Discount from order amount" created for OkayCMS will allow you to create an unlimited number of discounts depending on the total amount of the order.

450  ≈  6,52

In the special block on the main or side of a particular page, the last purchased goods are displayed.

250  ≈  3,62

To install the addon, you need to make changes to OkayCMS files. Changes are marked with "cookieuser" comments. Authorization of the user on the site and his shopping cart is stored in the browser cookies. Thus, the authorization of the visitor on the site and the goods in the basket are much longer.

380  ≈  5,51

The supplement allows you to create a loyalty program and set a discount for customers who are registered and fall under this program according to the conditions specified by the administrator in Okay CMS

550  ≈  7,97

This addition will allow you to display the price of the goods in several currencies on the site running OkayCMS, this is especially necessary when you have buyers not only from your country.

350  ≈  5,07