Extensions for your site management system


The component is a separate part of the huge functionality, for Joomla Cms and other add-ons. A significant extension allows you to completely or partially add the missing options to the control system and the view.

Sp Kindergarten v1.3 - you can effectively manage all school materials, such as classes, courses, teachers and events (with a tutor) and save a lot of time on creating such a system

280  ≈  3,68

Sp Mail Client v1.4.1 - Joomla extension, which is a full-featured IMAP mail client. Our goal was to create a fast, secure webmail extension that uses all Joomla benefits and allows access to all your IMAP emails from one page.

300  ≈  3,95

Vik Booking v1.10 is the right solution for a hotel, B & B, cottage, bungalow or any other dormitory that would like to receive direct orders from its website, avoiding commissions in online travel agencies or third parties. Probably the best hotel reservation system you can find!

400  ≈  5,26

With this component, you can use the file-based dropbox on the joomla site. You can share files, view images in folders, give users the ability to upload files to you in the dropbox.

100  ≈  1,32

JoomPush is one of the most effective Web Push notification systems.

350  ≈  4,61

ActiveHelper Live Chat - a powerful component of Live Chat for Joomla. Interaction with visitors to your website through real-time communication, providing a higher level of customer support and sales.

220  ≈  2,89

SP Transfer v4.0.3 - a component of file transfer or database elements between two different Joomla sites

300  ≈  3,95

JW SocialConnect is a new Joomla extension to improve social reach and user interaction for every your site based on Joomla, eshop or community

320  ≈  4,21

RS Files file manager is the best solution if you or your company need to maintain and share files over the Internet or through an internal network

270  ≈  3,55

JLex Comment v1.4.8 is a powerful commenting system for Joomla 3.x

300  ≈  3,95

Animate your site directly from the interface with the help of Aikon Revolution Animations v1.2

300  ≈  3,95

BreezingCommerce Pro v1.0.8 - this is a new Joomla shopping cart and the expansion of e-commerce opportunities for online small and medium-sized businesses.

360  ≈  4,74

AceSearch is a flexible and powerful Joomla search component with an easy-to-use user interface that provides search across all components from the front-end and external server with additional fields.

200  ≈  2,63

AceSef PRO and AceSef Plus is a flexible and powerful Joomla SEF URL component, which aims to offer you everything you need to optimize your site for search engines

200  ≈  2,63

Vik Rent Items v1.4 is an extension for creating a full range of hiring services for your Joomla site. Vik Rent Items was created to place orders in several positions simultaneously or to order several units of the same items with one order

350  ≈  4,61

B2J Contact is a fully responsive and working for Joomla 3 component of the ready-made contact form, offering many useful functions. He will give you a unique experience of creating online forms for contacts.

300  ≈  3,95

Integration into social networks for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Instagram, VK, Github, Amazon, Meetup, Windows Live and much more for Joomla! Publish your content on Facebook, on Facebook pages and groups, on Twitter streams and on LinkedIn's profile.

240  ≈  3,16

EZ Realty is a full-featured component of Real Estate for Joomla. Regardless of whether you manage a business with one agent, multi-agent business or FSBO property portal - EZ Realty has something to offer.

200  ≈  2,63

Enjoy all the functions of Form2Content v6.16.0 with the PRO account which will add many more types of fields and settings, make the presentation of the form as "preview."

200  ≈  2,63

JUX 3D Restaurant Menu - an extension for joomla from the JoomlaUX team. A package with a component and a module that brings an attractive menu to your café, cafe, bistro, restaurant, bakery, tea ... is delivered ... website.

200  ≈  2,63

If you are still using the old version of Joomla, your site is at risk. And it's good that the Joomla development team no longer supports these versions.

300  ≈  3,95

Slideshow Layer Slideshow can be expanded with design themes. The extension comes with 5 designed themes that include up to 5 layers each.

200  ≈  2,63

You can make reusable fragments (fragments of text / content) and include them in your content using the tag

200  ≈  2,63

Advanced Template Manager is an extension that changes the way your Template manager works. With Joomla you can normally only assign template styles to certain menu items.

250  ≈  3,29