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Premium template - a unique design developed by professionals, on that and it's worth your money. Has no third-party code and links (except copyright) that can damage the promotion of the site.

Vina Vanesa - if you are doing an online store selling fashion, clothing, mobile phones, digital and accessories or any other products - you have found what you are looking for. Compatible with Joomla 3.5+, VirtueMart 3.0.16 and JoomShopping 4.13+

900  ≈  11,84

Responsive V2 template for JoomShopping based on the JoomShopKit plugin (comes with Joomshopkit_v2)

400  ≈  5,26

JA Conf v1.0.2 is a creative and modern Joomla template for conference websites and events.

200  ≈  2,63

Roneous is a creative multi-purpose theme for WordPress with a lot of attention to all the details and incredible features. No matter what goal you launch on the site, Roneous is the ultimate theme for creating an impressed website

400  ≈  5,26

The template for OkayCMS VV_Sandy is an excellent option for an online furniture store and most importantly fully adaptive.

380  ≈  5,00

Modern, stylish and minimalistic, emphasize your goods, does not divert the attention of customers to unnecessary design details - it's all about the ELEGANCE template under Okay CMS

370  ≈  4,87

Rukan7 - JoomShopping Multipurpose Template support JoomShopping. Worked harder to make JoomShopping design unique handy for users. We have included premium JoomShopping modules for you. All you need to know in order to create powerful shop is how to use your mouse.

400  ≈  5,26

Templates ElectronicsShop, Racing, ST1608, 161101, Outdoor Furniture, 160801, WST120925 for OKAY CMS version 1.x Implemented as an alteration from SIMPLA CMS.

240  ≈  3,16

The theme is harmoniously looked for sale on your site of perfumery, cosmetics, means for manicure and other things for care of appearance.

240  ≈  3,16

The elegant FORCE template is a well-reworked and ported theme from SIMPLA CMS, for Okay CMS on version 2.3.1 and the entire 2.x line

350  ≈  4,61

The advantage of SHOPLING is its versatility. The template is not tied to a specific theme, it will look great on the basis of the products of an online pizzeria and a furniture store.

330  ≈  4,34

The VERONA template is very similar to the standard template, but stylistically made in other colors, created specifically for online stores with a wide range of products

210  ≈  2,76

An interesting and adaptive template for OkayCMS which is called JUNO under all popular screen resolutions. Its versatile and attractive design fits any subject of the online store without leaving anyone indifferent.

340  ≈  4,47

Template StOrange for Simpla CMS 2.3.x is perfect for shops with animals and goods for them, as well as for any other theme with a similar juicy color filling

400  ≈  5,26

Universal, adaptive Luxury template to the online store based on Simpla CMS, versions 2.x

350  ≈  4,61

The Megan template should be used for an online food store and not only. It does not divert attention from the products themselves.

420  ≈  5,53

Universal Carol template for OkayCMS for various types of sites (online stores)

300  ≈  3,95

Template TESSA for online stores on Okay CMS with a wide range of products suitable for various topics.

400  ≈  5,26

TrendShop - adaptive premium template for virtuemart 3. Store equally well will be displayed both on the computer and on the smartphone. 37 modular positions.

500  ≈  6,58

Shaper Qubic template version 1.5 from Joomshaper for Joomla 3.x.

100  ≈  1,32

Toyshop template for cms simpla toy store or children's goods.

210  ≈  2,76

A super-powerful template with twists for a hypermarket weighing (300mb in the archive) for the Magento 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x.

200  ≈  2,63

Template buyshop - Magento Responsive Theme

200  ≈  2,63

Camaro - template Simpla cms v2.3 with documentation

200  ≈  2,63