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Updates - 01.10.17


In this issue we will tell you about the latest innovations and features of our service.

We added:

  • Block reviews. So that you could leave your opinion about the purchase or use of the service. This unit is able to take not only your text feedback, but also provide it with a photo (for people to know you) or even a video link with youtube. All reviews are moderated before publication, in order to get rid of the debris (spam and trolling) this page. Everyone can not only leave a response, but also respond to a review of the previous commentator in order to correct it in something or to express an opinion on this review.


Отзывы о joomlok

  • Improved system of distribution of discounts. Soon we will publish data on how to get a discount forever. We can tell you, the system is already working, but in order to get a big discount you need to be registered and authorized in our catalog, purchase extensions on your behalf and receive additional bonuses. There are big plans for this direction in the plans, we will not disclose all the secrets now, but you can already start participating in it. Go to registration - nothing complicated, and the advantages of authorization are not controversial, besides, nothing complicated.

авторизация на Joomlok

  • We have a lot of different blocks and information in our catalog. The site is available in two languages (for now) - English and Russian.

выбор языка

  • Block chat. A real-time chat is not always available, but it helps to solve problems very quickly or to find out what is required immediately without delay from the operator. Managers do a lot of work and not always such a block is available, however, if it is displayed at the bottom of your page, then one of the operators is ready to answer your questions. For other cases, a ticketing system is available (currently in development) so questions are taken to the postal address indicated at the bottom of the page (right).

чат с оператором

  • You can share quickly and easily with your friends our products. Just in the right product, select the desired social network and send the link to a friend.


  • Follow the updates on social networks by subscribing to our group Vkontakte, Twitter or Facebook. On any page, the block is available as in the screenshot. You need to navigate to it and select the necessary social network where you have an account for receiving the latest news and information about updating/adding products you just need to send a subscription request or to subscribe in automatic mode.

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