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Happy New Year 2018 and Merry Christmas !!!


Thank you, that in the outgoing year you were with us, improved your site with the help of our site, bought information from us, wrote cool reviews and just turned to our technical support!

We wish you new achievements, good health and strength, live with pleasure and do what you love!
Let your site not break down and please, and your most daring projects come to an end, and become the most popular and popular!

Congratulations on the coming New Year and Christmas!

It was a great year: we opened up, began to provide technical and qualified help!
Among other achievements, some important functions of our catalog became available and, according to the independent company, we have one of the largest catalogs for the sale of information in this field. More than a thousand different infotovars!
Completely build your site became available thanks to the well-known studio, launched new chips and discount percentages for registered customers, speeded up the sending of letters, switched to a new independent server in the Netherlands and introduced payment for orders on the site by two aggregators.

2018 promises to be even cooler and more meaningful!dog2018

We will provide you with even more quality and interesting content and a lot of updated products will be waiting in the first months of the year.
We will launch many more new functions in our catalog with a lot of various pleasant additions, we will expand the assortment and even possibly design the store.

We together go on vacation from December 31, 2017 at 18:15 (Time zone in Paphos - UTC + 2)

We start working on January 7, 2018.
Processing orders and requests in the standby mode will start from January 3, 2018.


The discount coupon was brought by a kind dog

Coupon Code: HappyChristmas2018

Discount 8% for all orders and valid until 01/07/2018
Only for orders from 300.00 ₽