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Extensions for your site management system

Receipt and payment

Getting an extension using e-mail is "fast!"

A convenient and fast way of delivery - instantly after payment. Bought goods comes automatically to you by mail from the link from which you can download this product without unnecessary conversions and tedious clearance procedures!

Inside the archive there is a text file that needs to be opened by any text editor, including the standard notepad in windows. Inside there is a link to the purchased extension for which you need to go and download the product. Sometimes you should also unzip the resulting file that was downloaded from a link in a text file, since a large weight can mean that there are still files inside it, for example, documentation, Russification files, modules, etc.

There are archives in which there are several versions, they are all listed for downloading in a file. You need to install the required plug-in of the archive that is the appropriate version of your system cms.

Do not install the extension, template, module, plugin, component?

To begin with, we explain that in our online store all the goods are packed according to the method:

archive> test document> links inside> archive by reference

Sometimes the archives themselves by reference are packed and contain installation instructions, various additions to the archives and are not immediately put, but separately. The file contains a packed archive with text information. Before installation, we recommend that you read the product card and the installation item (if any).

As a rule, if the archive needs to be unpacked before installation, then the name of the archive is Unzip. This field in the name may not be. All archives require unpacking and reviewing. Why use a standard ZIP archiver, such as WinZip, 7zip and others. Inside the archive, you can also find a text file that you need to open with any text editor, including the standard notepad in windows. Inside there is a link to the extension for which you need to go and download. All products whose weight is more than 1-2 mb are packed in such archives as documents with reference to a notepad. There are archives in which there are several versions. You need to install the appropriate versions of your cms system from the archive.

Do not miss anything!

Each action is accompanied by sending the status of the operation to an email inbox, where you can always proceed with registration or pay with a delay of several days*


Not the arrival of a letter with the goods or on any of the actions can mean only one of two: either you incorrectly indicated the mail, or the letter got into the spam folder! We always notify our customers and/or the news of the site about preventive maintenance and failures. If not, please contact us immediately.


Many payment methods

Electronic goods - electronic money!

You can pay for the order by any of the ways presented on the site, but there are a lot of them.

Payment through Free-kassa and Interkassa is an affordable way of payment in various directions

Wallet One - electronic payment system, part of the multiservice W1

Alpha click - it is a modern and convenient system for controlling its finances, placed in Alfa Bank, through the Internet bank.

Visa/Mastercard - this is a super-secure online system for accepting payments from bank cards. The system allows to authorize online payments in accordance with the world standards of security and reliability in real time

LiqPay - is a payment service for instant payments using a mobile phone, as well as the Internet and payment plastic cards.

Yandex money - electronic payment system, realizing the idea of electronic money. Provides financial calculations between system participants (persons who opened accounts in the system) in real time.

Webmoney Credit - Online Credits Webmoney

Perfect Money - электронная платёжная система для безналичных расчётов в Интернете, созданная в 2007 году.

Privat24 - you can control your account cards, monitor the movements of funds on your card / account.

PrivatBank - the largest commercial bank of Ukraine

TelеMoney - electronic payment service that allows you to make payments on the Internet, as well as pay for goods or services in stores that are connected to the service.

Paxumthe newly created Canadian payment system, which has already taken a solid position in the niche of the adult business

Sberbank - the largest Russian bank.

Megafon, MTS, terminals of Russia and Ukraine - from a mobile phone account and terminals.

Euroset - money transfers through the salon of communication

Banks of Russiathrough Russian Banks

Leader, Anelik, Unistream - Money transfers

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