The network has many clones that pretend to be us. We do not have mirror sites! All extensions, without hidden links and viruses are sold only on and the site of our partners, all the other scammers!We do not provide assistance for products purchased outside of our site!

Extensions for your site management system

Why choose us?

Why choose us?

Are you interested in knowing why the prices for are lower than on the sites of developers?

A quality electronic product can not be cheap and it is known to all specialists in the field of IT-technologies. But often even developers who are far from software development are surprised why in the online store such low prices for first-class extensions?

Our partners spend direct purchase from developers for themselves and their customers, and we buy from them this inventory which in the future may be useful to you in the development of your site or site for the client, while we understand perfectly that customers like low prices. There are many ways to reduce the cost of products, but the surest way is to do their work honestly and benignly. Therefore, we decided to work on the principle of such folds as, where users who are interested in the same product, get together and make wholesale purchases. The only thing, participating in such folds, it is necessary to wait some time of performance of the order as the set of certain quantity of participants is required, and then time for search of the organizer of purchase still leaves.

In fact, time is priceless, so for our part we decided to make concessions to customers, for which high-quality programs and extensions are redeemed from our partners or through them at the initial price. Yes, we invest our money in the turnover, but at the same time you get the best expansion at a low price, and we - satisfied customers and the required number of purchases. In addition, orders are executed promptly and with the participation of specialists in their field.


No tricks, everything is honest and transparent! It is on this principle that we conduct mutually beneficial cooperation with all those wishing to receive the best digital products!

Discover the secrets of developers

Many site owners are familiar with the concept of "update". This interesting trick of many developers is some attractive bait, which often comes to trustful users. It is known that many programs and extensions are amenable to periodic updates, that is, to the addition and modification, in accordance with the emerging technical issues on their use. After each such update, a new, higher, price for the info product is usually installed.

Of course, it happens that the extension is really needed, but in most cases, developers are releasing updates to support and draw attention to their project. Therefore, on the developer's website, there appears an announcement about this or that update, supposedly increasing the stability of the work. In fact, the changes do not carry any additional functions. Therefore, it is advisable not to be led to such tricks, since this is a common advertising move, which increases the interest in certain products.

As already mentioned, finalization is sometimes required, and in some cases, we are also asked to complete this or that extension. If possible, we perform the required work, but with such questions it is better to contact the developers. Although there may be unpleasant situations here. For example, we conducted an unspoken study on the development of developers of their infoproduktov. According to its results, it was possible to note that many agreed to buy the goods, another part of the developers answered that it would take a lot of time (several days). There were also such, they turned out to be a decent number, which showed frank rudeness towards their clients. What to do? The solution is simple - buy from us.

The main direction of our activity is the sale of infotovars to webmasters at low prices!

We have tried to organize the most convenient service to ensure that our customers feel the care and indifference to their problems, often arising in the field of IT-technologies. Therefore, with us you can buy the right extension quickly and cheaply. Competent specialists from among our partners conduct their professional decoding.

An important advantage of the information products offered in our online store is that absolutely all products do not have a binding to the domain name, while even 90% of the output is decoded even by the code. Developers, as a rule, are offered a product for an unbearable sum with an encrypted code and a binding to the site, that is, the extension can only be installed once.

 Лучшая цена

Our employees work almost in a round-the-clock mode. We daily accept applications for the required digital products, and as soon as a certain amount runs in, we purchase the most desired and sought-after extension. But you say, because not all products pay off? Yes, there is such a risk, and sometimes even the users who ordered the product, after its layout, do not want to buy it, because it simply perehotelos. But it's okay, we understand the risks and take them on ourselves. The situation is more complicated with the so-called "second-hand dealers" who buy goods from us and spread it on their site with the same desire - to recoup this petty goods. We found such interesting moments that the network appeared our clones with the so-called complete list of our products, having conducted an experiment, we found out that this is just a clone and no one really has a solution, he just a crook. Salvation from this kind scammers know, write a complaint. After one such incident, a person for his money sent to our buyer the same goods bought just from us, and was of course banned after losing his money, but many of these unscrupulous customers still continue to work despite the blockage. We caution you against the possibility of buying on these resources anything, since you risk losing money without receiving any help and the desired solution.

Our task is to make an online store of digital addons available to a webmaster!

Cooperation with involves obtaining various benefits, which are difficult to calculate in the case of the acquisition of an infotype directly from the developers. Each extension helps make the site even more productive and optimized for various tasks. We understand all the complexities of the process of using an extension, so, if necessary, we provide consulting support.

The advantages of the online store

  • Low prices for first-class information products are indicated
  • Presented in the infotavara decoded products
  • Constant control over the quality of digital products laid out
  • Quick purchase is available without wasting time
  • Customer service is conducted by a reliable team of professionals in their field

We do not seek to be gilded by the painstaking work of webmasters. We have a maximum policy of low prices, so if the expansion paid off, we set a minimum price for it. Still, it can not be completely removed, because there is a certain proportion of our work in the form of quality support and the work of professionals in their field, and if buying any third-party solution for 199 rubles, think you could spend at least a bit of your time for this money, the product card from an inexperienced copywriter is more expensive, not to mention the redemption of this product. Our prices are based on reasonableness, weight and are subject to the logic of pricing.

* We guarantee the best price among authors and providing an extension without malicious code.