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What is the COOKIES file?

A similar term is a small fragment of data (a text file predominantly consisting of letters and numbers) that is stored on your device (a stationary computer, a smartphone, a tablet) using the functionality of the web browser used, upon requests of the Internet resources you visit (sites, applications ).

How Google uses cookies -

The cookie types used by Google -

We use only those cookies that are strictly necessary for your navigation on the site or for ensuring the operation of the main functions. For example, we use cookies to save your preferences and improve the functionality of the site. Also, we use cookies to improve the performance of our website and provide you with a better user interface.
To make the most of this website, you need to activate all cookies. If you want to disable all or selective cookies, you can still use our site, but with limited functionality. How to manage Cookies, read below.

If you do not want our website to store cookies on your computer or mobile phone, you can change the settings of your browser. You can configure your browser to receive a warning before the cookies are saved, or to make your browser deactivate most of the cookies or only certain ones.


Cookies policy can sometimes change. If this is a fundamental change that we will need to inform you about, or if a change is important to you in another aspect, we will notify you of this before it takes effect.

O General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)!


Dear users of Joomlok,

The European Union sets a new standard for personal data laws with the General Data Protection Regulations or a reduced GDPR. We at Joomlok are well aware of the importance of protecting personal data and respecting the privacy of our users. Thus, we process each information provided to us with great care and guarantee the safety and confidentiality when processing personal information of our users. Today we can proudly say that we have implemented all necessary procedures and technical requirements to become a company that is compatible with GDPR.

We collect, use and process data.

Users provide some data directly (for example, an email address when creating an account or decorating an item), and we get some data, writing them down, how and when users interact with our services. We collect certain personal data for effective work and provide the best access to our services, whereas for the same reason we can share some data with our reliable partner, which provides certain services for us. None of the data that we provide to our partner does not contain information that personally identifies our users. You can learn more about this in the updated Terms of Service .

We firmly believe that the data you trust us is part of the personal data & raquo; as required by the General Data Protection (EU) Regulation 2016/679. Since the processing of this data is absolutely necessary to provide us with our services, we must require your consent to such actions. We use organizational, technical and other appropriate measures to protect your personal data. We also use various measures to prevent unauthorized access or destruction of data, its modification or loss and unauthorized processing.

We assure you of the right:

  • access to your personal data
  • correction, modification, deletion or processing of your personal data
  • an object for processing your personal data;
  • portability of personal data

Your personal data is stored in accordance with the purpose for which they are collected and stored while you use our services, or until we receive your written request for cancellation. For all procedures concerning the collection, processing and storage of your personal data, you have the right to contact

Providing personal data within a certain area is necessary to use our services at

If users want to continue using the specified services, they must log in to their Joomlok account or, without registration, click in the floating window "Ok, I agree!" when the update notification appears. If users no longer wish to use Joomlok's services, they must send us an email and request the removal of their account.


We can not guarantee the proper functioning of our website if you disable all cookies. Perhaps some features will not be available to you or some parts of the site will not be displayed. If you do not agree with the policy of data storage and processing - we ask you to leave our online store.


In the settings of the Personal Cabinet, each user can change the data that is stored about him in the system.


For those who wish to remove absolutely all information about themselves stored on the company's servers, they can apply with this request to the customer support department at