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Authorization through social networks in JoomShopping
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Authorization through social networks in JoomShopping JoomShopping

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The plugin is the integration of the SLogin component and JoomShopping

Authorization through social networks in JoomShopping

Absolutely everyone who has an online store, perfectly understand how difficult it is to save your buyer and bring it to the final stage of the sale - the payment of an order. Each step has its own difficulties, which push the buyer away from the idea of ​​buying in your store. This plugin is designed for cover, one of the most difficult places in the entire chain is the registration of the buyer. Quite a large number of buyers saw a huge form of registration, which they are asked to fill out, refuse to buy and leave, do not want to fill out all information about themselves. Since now almost everyone has an account in one or another social network, this one-touch plug-in will help to minimize the registration and authorization actions in your online store based on Joomla + Joomshopping.

If the user for the first time you have on the site, then in just a couple of clicks he creates an account in your online store and is authorized. After that, he needs to fill in the remaining fields required for delivery and communication, the user creation process and authorization are completed. If the user is not the first time on your site, then it can easily be resolved with one icon. This authorization method has its advantages over the standard:

  • I do not remember the login and password, everyone remembers the computers, which will reduce the errors associated with forgetfulness of customers
  • allows you to quickly enter into a couple of clicks, especially in our age of computing technology
  • increases the credibility of your store and, possibly, even social activity

The plugin works only in combination with the SLogin (Social Login) component from version 1.3.1 and higher and only on the basis of the JoomShopping store. For Virtuemart there is a similar plugin.


  1. We recommend creating a backup site for any intervention (installation) of any component. Akeeba Backup Pro can do this quickly without leaving the administration area.
  2. Install and configure the SLogin component and its profile plug-in until it is fully functional.
  3. Install the plugin in accordance with the instructions that we have purchased, through the Joomla installer, publish and configure it.

The plugin is the integration of the SLogin component and JoomShopping. This means that both of these components must be configured and running.

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