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CSVI Pro 7.5.1
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CSVI Pro 7.5.1 Joomla

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CSVI PRO v7.5.1 - component of data import and export for Joomla

CSVI Pro v7.5.1

CSVI PRO - component of data import and export for Joomla. CSVI allows you to import and export data from various Joomla components. Each component has its own type of import and export, which allows you to apply individual import / export settings for various Joomla components.
There are two versions in the archive. Choose which one is right for you. Recommended!
In addition to the free version of CSVI, CSVI Pro features include: advanced replacement rules, the ability to overlay a watermark on VirtueMart images, the characteristics of ICEcat products, the export of VirtueMart orders, and the Akeeba subscription data.

We tested it on joomla 3.4.3/3.6.5/3.74/3.8 and VirtueMart 3.0.9/3.0.18/3.2. The solution has been updated and will definitely work on your site under the new joomla 3.8 version and the old 2.5 without any problems!

The archive includes:
- The component archive with version 7.5.1

- Archive 7.2.3
- Archive 7.1.0
- Archive 7.0.2
- Archive 6.6.4
- Archive 6.5.7
- Archive 6.4.3 (with fix patch from Sergey)
- Archive CSVI PRO 6.5.4 (fix will also work) Included - csvi_analyzer_1.1, csvi_cutter_1.0, csvi_templates_6.1.2 and plugins
- Archive CSVI PRO 6.5.5

Plugins included:

plg_csviaddon_akeebasubs_csvi, plg_csviaddon_awocoupon_csvi, plg_csviaddon_customfilters_csvi, plg_csviaddon_ezrealty_csvi, plg_csviaddon_fastseller_csvi, plg_csviaddon_form2content_csvi, plg_csviaddon_hikashop_csvi, plg_csviaddon_k2_csvi, plg_csviaddon_productbuilder_csvi, plg_csviaddon_rsform_csvi, plg_csviaddon_virtuemart_csvi, plg_csviext_articles_csvi, plg_csviext_customfieldsforall_csvi, plg_csviext_param_csvi, plg_csviext_stockablecustomfields_csvi, plg_hikashop_hikashopcsviexport_csvi, plg_csvirules_valuecomparison_csvi, plg_csvirules_skip_csvi, plg_csvirules_multireplace_csvi, plg_csvirules_margin_csvi, plg_csvirules_fieldcopy_csvi, plg_csvirules_fieldcombine_csvi, plg_csviaddon_users_csvi, plg_csviaddon_menus_csvi, plg_csviaddon_csvi_csvi, plg_csviaddon_content_csvi, plg_csviaddon_categories_csvi, Improved Tools (csvi_analyzer, csvi_cutter), plg_csviaddon_scrollerwithtabs_csvi, plg_csviext_jcategory_swmap_csvi, plg_csviext_jcontent_swmap_csvi, plg_csviext_k2_swmap_csvi and other.

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