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JoomShopping template from BrookSite
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JoomShopping template from BrookSite JoomShopping

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JoomShopping template from Brooksite 2.4.4 and the plugin

Template JoomShopKit version 2.4.4 (Joomshopkit pay) and PLUGIN

Features of the JoomShopping template from Brooksite:

1. Adaptive display of the design with the support of Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 (to choose from directly from the admin area)
2. Supports icon font - Fontello, IcoMoon, Awesome and others.
3. The ability to change the colors of the buttons and colors of the text (via the plugin from the JoomShopKit archive)
4. Ability to replace the text rub. to the ruble symbol.

JoomShopKit plugins combined and significantly enhanced such extensions as:

- "Jquery buzzer" - plugin for joomshopping
- Plugin "Attributes in the list of products"
- Plugin "Ask a question about the product"
- Plugin for displaying the +/- buttons in the list, in the card and in the cart
- Navigation plugin for goods in the product card
- Plugin for quick viewing of goods from the list of products
- Added the ability to create a carousel of images from their thumbnails in the product card
- Added the ability to output modules in different positions of the product card. And as the withdrawal of goods in the card of goods from the category to which the goods belong
- Added the ability to replace the standard lightbox with Magnific Popup
- The possibility of automatic generation of printed forms of the Russian Post is added (f.7 (optional), f.116, f.117) based on the order data.
- Combining different extensions into one plug-in has reduced the load on the site by reducing the number of connected CSS and JS files.

The plugin supports 3 languages ​​(Russian, Ukrainian and English).

The template and plugin can be used separately, but the effective result is sharing that has already been tested in the bundle.
How to install?
- First, unpack the archive (because in the archive the template joomshopping and plugin extensions).
- Install the template through the installation and update in Joomshopping (http://site/administrator/index.php?option=com_jshopping&controller=update).
- Install the plug-in through the standard Joomla extension manager (/administrator/index.php?option=com_installer).

Your questions
Sergey 01.03.2018, 12:29
Dockbar внизу как на демо сайте включен?
robot@joomlok.com 01.03.2018, 20:09
Sergey, нет. Это подобие этого решения https://joomlok.com/products/ajax-korzina-sravnenie-tovarov-dockbar-dlya-joomshopping
Валерий 24.02.2018, 10:46
Тут JoomShopKit включен в данный шаблон?
robot@joomlok.com 24.02.2018, 11:27
Валерий, да
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