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Layer Slideshow v1.0.1
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Layer Slideshow v1.0.1 Joomla

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The product does not have a binding to the domain name, it is always available (after payment it comes automatically to the mail). Without hidden references and codes!

Slideshow Layer Slideshow can be expanded with design themes. The extension comes with 5 designed themes that include up to 5 layers each.

Layer Slideshow v1.0.1

Slideshow high level - slider for Joomla

Layer Slideshow v1.0.1 - provides a unique opportunity to create a slide show with several layers. Slideshow Layer Slideshow can be expanded with design themes. The extension comes with 5 designed themes that include up to 5 layers each. Each theme can be applied with one click on each slide. Become a true artist and build a layout without any knowledge of design. The only thing you need is to download the contour image from our library or from the Iconfinder library and submit your own layer. Of course, you can upload your own images using the enhanced version of the Joomla media editor.

Layer Slideshow from joomunited comes with 5 built-in themes for creating sliders - it's a few clicks. It is very flexible, because in one slide show you can perform several slides with different themes. Just apply the theme, edit the images and text, and you're done! Of course, you can also create your own from scratch with an unlimited number of sliders pattern.

Each slide contains different layers with a separate effect on each element: text, image, background. All elements have a position, and the slideshow remains adaptive, this is the main difference. In Layer Slideshow, you can play with slide elements using Drag and Drop and the built-in text editor. Moreover, you can change the size of images with the help of sliders!

Slideshow Layer Slideshow is really nice to design, the main task is to cope with images that capture the eyes and its outlines. Another problem is solved: the author has images, you have creativity. It's best that all images are imported to your server, so you can use them as long as you want, it's all yours!


- DragnDrop Responsive. All custom slides, images will respond without any action on your part
- Editor Button Editor. Full button editor: create a stylish button that matches your template, save and reuse it!
- Navigation in Slideshow Align files. Customize the slide show according to the setting: center, right, left, full / fixed width
- DesignImage Manager. Editing images from a slide show: cropping, fitting, replacing, applying effects
- Contact style. Navigation, several images are available for the slide transition: points, play / pause, arrows with styles "File preview"
- Slide Link Manager. Add links to action buttons using the link manager: click the Joomla button or links in the menu
- SEO optimization. Results of the topic. Reset all default settings for the theme or delete the entire slide element to start creating from scratch
- Multilingual. JU Translation included: receive, add and redefine languages ​​from the configuration in one click
- Joomla Framework. The slideshow is completely based on the structure of Joomla. It has the dual advantage of being easy and compatible.
- Updating the updaterExtension. Maintaining websites with commercial plug-ins can be very painful. Slideshow is a GPL and using the standard Joomla update and all add-ons
- The Linky Map extension kit includes all third-party integration and features. No hidden fees, no extra additions!
- file uploadClipping Path Images. To create slides, you need contours (without background): a library that is free of copyright is included!
- The automatic API uses the Iconfinder API to search, download and turn on icons with one click
- zoomFull or Fixed Width. Displaying a slideshow with fixed width in a box or with 100% width

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