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Yandex.Money plugin for Virtuemart 2.x and 3.x with status return

Yandex.Money plugin for Virtuemart 2.x and 3.x with status return virtuemart 3 and 2

200  ≈  2,63 600 ₽  / 7,89

Yandex money for vm2 / vm3 with status return - Unique without licenses

 The payment plug-in works through api Yandex money.

Payment comes to a personal wallet for which it is not necessary to undergo the procedure of identity verification.

For its work, you need to register the application and this installed plugin, as well as configure http notifications.
All this is quite easy to do even for an inexperienced person since we provide the instruction:

Instructions for installing and configuring the plugin and connecting api

The unique uniqueness of this plugin is that it does not have an analog on the Internet.

We have the full version - and can be installed WITHOUT LICENSES on any site!

The plugin returns the status of payment confirmation thereby making the store fully automated, this distinguishes it from another analogue of translation that requires manual intervention but which is cheaper - Yandex money transfer plugin in virtuemart 2 and 3

Ability to create two payment options: payment through Yandex money and payment through the card!

Installed on any domain! No limits! Be sure to unpack!


- Work in automatic mode without human intervention

- Lack of licenses and it is possible to install on any site without buying a key again

- Status return, not ordinary translation

- Optimal price

- Ability to accept payments with an anonymous purse without additional registration.



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