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Hiding products for specific user groups
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Hiding products for specific user groups OkayCMS

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The products that you marked can only be displayed for a special group of buyers in Okay CMS

Select products only for a special group of buyers

The addendum, "Hiding goods for specific user groups," is developed for Okay CMS version 2.1.3, it will probably work easily on the entire 2.x line

Selected products that you marked, can be shown only for a special group of buyers. Neither guests, nor other groups of hidden goods placed by the Special Flag do not see these goods.

How does this addition work:

  1. In the control panel, a new field appears in the products - the "SHOW ONLY ON SPECIAL GROUP" check box.
  2. On the site in the lists of goods show the products marked by the flag only if the visitor is authorized and belongs to a special group.
  3. For the admin, all products are displayed.

Customization allows you to hide certain products for specific groups of users. The module will be useful in case the store has a separation for different groups of customers. For example, if you have Regular Buyers and Wholesale. There is a possibility that it is necessary to hide some products for retail customers and show them only to Wholesalers. The module is used in an online store that assumes a trading platform for both wholesalers and retail buyers, but wholesalers go under their own passwords and must see only special products that others do not see.

Installation: To install the add-on, you will need to make changes to the OkayCMS files and the database. Changes are described in the attached text instruction. There are no changed files in the archive. If you have a completely clean site and a suitable version, the installation will not take much time.

Difficulty: medium. It will be necessary to import into the MSQL database.

Update v.1.1
- Fix. Removed error displaying hidden products in AJAX search.

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