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TrendShop v1.2 - adaptive premium template for virtuemart 3
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TrendShop v1.2 - adaptive premium template for virtuemart 3 virtuemart 3 and 2

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TrendShop - adaptive premium template for virtuemart 3. Store equally well will be displayed both on the computer and on the smartphone. 37 modular positions.

TrendShop v1.2 is an adaptive premium template for virtuemart 3

The main advantages of the template:

Adaptive design. Store equally well will be displayed both on the computer and on the smartphone.

37 modular positions. Create a site with a design of any complexity. Simple management and creation of new positions.

10 color schemes. Choose one of the finished color schemes or create your own.

Revolution Slider. Slider images with animation and support for mobile devices.

A goods slider. Adaptive slider of products with support for mobile devices.

The site is already ready, includes a quick start (QuickStart) is unpacked by the script Kickstart (in the archive) is compatible with php 7.0 and the modules work correctly with it.

Countdown timer. A slider with a countdown timer and a timer output in the category and product card.

Slider manufacturers. Adaptive slider manufacturers with support for mobile devices.

Mega Menu. Mega menu of any complexity with the setting of the admin. panel.

When registering and registering the user must agree to the terms of service in which you can place consent to the processing of personal data

Accordion menu. Functional menu for categories.

Off Canvas Menu. Convenient menu on mobile devices.

Change the type of the catalog and sort the goods. Convenient management of the type and sorting of goods in the category.

Shortcuts. Implemented with the VM Label plug-in. Automatic output of labels for products in the category, card and modules

Zoom images. Functional lightbox and image zoom in the product card with support for mobile devices.

Image slider in category. Output multiple images in a category with support for mobile devices.

Tabs. Display content in separate tabs. Easily add new tabs.

Reviews. Product Reviews by jcomments.

Custom fields. Select, radio button and checkbox for custom fields.

Microdisplay. Schema.org microdisplay for products.

Buy in 1 click. Fast registration of an order without a transfer to the basket. Through the script buyme, its configuration through the same folder in the files!

Multi-loading images. Adding multiple images for a product in 1 click.

One Page Convenient registration of the order on 1 page.

Templates of letters. Optimized email templates for most email clients.

All solutions are preinstalled and do not come separately from the template.

And a few more buns:

- Site navigator
- Mask for phone number in the basket
- Availability Display
- Customer Registration
- Site search
- Blog

Version 1.2 includes the new Joomla 3.8.6 and the VirtueMart 3.2.14 store including the T3 Framework 2.7.0 update

- update Joomla 3.8.6 and VirtueMart 3.2.14
- update module VM Product of the Day
- slider update Unite Slider 5.0.14
- fixed styles when registering
- the possibility of registration by the plug-in simplifying the registration of users is controlled
- installed a new plug-in fast product view

Your questions
Максим 02.03.2018, 12:39
Как устанавливать архив шаблона JPA?
robot@joomlok.com 02.03.2018, 12:40
Для установки сайта из бекапа при помощи Akeeba Kickstart - разархивируйте архив. Иногда требуется распаковать архив, открыть текстовый редактор, загрузить сайт по ссылке и снова распаковать.

1. Залейте все файлы в корень сайта или на Денвер (локальный хостинг)
2. Создайте новую базу данных MSQL и запишите данные
3. Запустите исполняемый файл Kickstart.php по адресу вашего сайта и следуйте подсказкам на экране
4. Выберите архив в поле с окончанием .jpa прямо на хостинге.
5. Жмем везде кнопку далее после проверки введенных данных в том числе и с полями базы данных

В конце работы вы получите свой сайт. Стоит знать, что акеба копирует файлы только в директории сайта. К примеру, некоторые компоненты типа VirtueMart могут хранить некоторые файлы вне директории сайта. Это уже последующая установка и настройка. Кроме того, сейчас множество видео уроков в YouTube на эту тему.
Георг 20.02.2018, 19:14
А где демо?
robot@joomlok.com 21.02.2018, 10:48
Георг, вкладку характеристики откройте
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